Client Web Access

Could you use more time in the day?  Our newest tool, Client Web Access, allows you to save time by giving your clients read-only access to their information via the web.  Clients can now run reports, check statuses and values, export to Excel, and even view documents 24/7.  The tool uses an always-on, read-only web portal that uses unique usernames and passwords to allow access to their specific system data.    Impress your clients with the sleek new interface.  Cut down on emails back and forth.  Check out the Demo Access account:

username: sigercon

password: password

for a first-hand look at the ins and outs of the website.  Please contact sigercon for more information on creating your own Client Website.

The Client Access website allows clients to view the information regarding properties, parcels, and tax bills.  It organizes the information into the familiar search results list format, which then links to individual detail pages.   The default main page is a list of the client’s properties with summary information.  As in the sigerTax system, it is possible to filter the Search lists to include only the necessary results.  You can export this list to Excel using the export button.  You can also access previous years by clicking on the year buttons.  Clicking a property name will open the property’s detail page. 

The Property Webpage

Each Property webpage includes current year information as well as historical information for as many years as are available.

The information on the Property webpage includes:

  • Information: includes the address, the square footage of the land and improvements, etc

  • Priority Documents: a list of documents you have designated as the most important or most recent.

  • Photos: any pictures of the property linked in the sigerTax system, including a map of the address linked to Google Maps.

  • Values: a list of values for the property.

  • Taxes: a list of taxes for the property. This includes the jurisdictions assigned to the property.

  • Accounts: a list of parcels assigned to the property. These parcels can be viewed by clicking on the Account number.

  • All Documents: a list of all documents assigned to the property, including the Priority Documents.

  • Notes: a list of notes regarding the property.

The Documents and Notes within the sigerTax system have flags to indicate whether they should be “viewable by client.” This flag is checked before the records are displayed.

The Parcel Webpage

Parcels can also be accessed from the Client Website.  They can be found on the Property page or in theParcel Search.  Clicking on the Account number will open the Parcel Webpage.  You can also access the assigned Property from the Parcel Search by clicking on the Property name. The information on the parcel page is similar to the property page.

The Tax Bill Webpage

The Tax Bill list allows clients to see the all the tax bills for their parcels.  Click on the Statement in the Tax Bill Search to view the Tax Bill.  You can also access the parcel linked to the tax bill from the Tax Bill Search.

The information on the Tax Bill Webpage includes:

  • Information: includes the amount, the due date, etc.

  • Parcel Detail: includes the parcel account number, the assessor, and the property.

  • Bill Detail: includes the juridisctions, the taxable value, and the tax rate.