About Us:

The team at Sigercon has been creating and improving property tax software for over 30 years. 

  • Our History
    Our founder, Regis Allison, was hired as an employee at a top property tax consultancy and was charged with developing and maintaining in-house software to manage their property tax portfolio.  The resulting property tax software was so effective that as consultants left the practice to form their own companies, they would contract with him at an hourly rate to develop systems for their practices.  Sigercon Inc was formed as a way to license the resulting property tax software as a complete package: sigerTax.  We can now offer the custom software without the custom software price. 
  • Our Product
    The primary focus of the company is property tax software.  Our sigerTax application provides property tax consultants with a complete package of software tools they need to handle every step of their practice, from initial customer engagement, to valuation, to appeal tracking, and even invoicing.  The software also contains powerful tools that enable tax bill processing, custom reporting, as well as event and task tracking. 
  • Our Customers
    Without our customers, we simply would not exist.  We strive to do everything we can, from creating frequent software updates, to allowing software customization, to assisting with best-practice problem solving, and providing our always amazing customer support. Our software is flexible enough to be used by property tax consultants all over the world, from one-person consultancies, to multi-site corporations with hundreds of users.  The software can also be used by property owners, or internal tax departments. 
  • Our Team
    Regis Allison founded Sigercon after distinguishing himself as a software developer for multiple companies.  While he enjoys programming and database design, finding elegant solutions to problems is his passion.  Regis graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BS in Math, and concentrations in Computer Science and Education. 

    Matt Lester joined Sigercon after 6 years with a company providing outsourced IT services.  He holds a BA from the University of Notre Dame's Program of Liberal Studies, with Computer Applications as a secondary major.  He is responsible for most support requests, the company's online presence, training videos, and helps with custom SQL development, as well as researching and developing new features.  He also wrote these descriptions so let us know what you think:

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