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It is such a pleasure working with you and thanks for all your help.
You are fantastic, thank you! 😊 I’m really going to earn some wow points with this. Yay! ... Getting this all done before lunch so I still have time to knock out other things. What a productive first day back!
You guys are adding 6-8 hours to my week, and that is personal time I get back.
This was the first time in twenty years that I could play golf during return season.
Thank you very much for the time you spent on the phone with me this afternoon. You answered my questions for me and confirmed with me that I am heading in the right direction. I appreciate that!!
You are AMAZING!!! Thanks so much!
Thanks for making these adjustments—this is great!
I appreciate your help as always.
That is exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks so much for your help!
Wow it’s that easy? I’m just loving this more and more each day
Just wanted to let you know that I am loving the new feature! Woo hoo! Saves me time!
Thanks so much...Everything looks great!
Thanx….you continue to amaze!
This worked perfectly – AWESOME!!
We are so satisfied with your customer service and your ability to be available to us as soon as are able. Every day, we learn something new that your system can do for us. It is amazing.
You are amazing!!! I love these new features!
Definitely nice to be through with one full cycle of SigerTax this year and one year further away from our legacy systems.
We used the searches and exports on the old appeals that we imported and found about 50k of savings we had not billed yet. Without SigerTax we would have missed them.
That worked like a charm!! Thanks so much for the quick response! :)
Wow! This is so awesome and much better than having to export to Excel to do everything.
That’s a great answer! Thanks again!
Thank you so very much for all of your help today. I really appreciate you calling right away and helping out with this issue.
Perfect. It is exactly what I wanted.
Thank you!
The authorization form we set up had to be tweaked just a bit but it is now working great. ... Again I appreciate you taking the time to walk me through how to do this.
Thanks. That will save me quite a few extra spreadsheets.
Awesome! Thank you so much! You are the greatest! Thank you!
Fantastic turn around time - thank you very much.
Thanks for being awesome!
(ps you should put that on the website!)
I can already see hours of time savings and you aren’t even halfway through your demo.
You’re amazing….thanks so much! :)
Great thank you! I appreciate all you work and guidance on all this.
Thank you very much, I really appreciate the quick response!
Thank you very much. You’re a life saver.
As a result of your willingness to make the discussed changes we were awarded the business. It’s terrific to have a great business partner like Sigercon.
Thanks again!
Now that I’ve gotten into it, I don’t know how I’ve ever done my job without this program.
This year we doubled the number of bills we could process vs last year in the same amount of time.
I think we may have crammed a full year of functionality into six months. Thanks for making me look so good to my supervisors and the team.
And also a big thank you for your continued investment in my education of SigerTax and helping me to migrate my team’s data in the most functional manner possible. I’m turning into a walking advertisement for SigerTax.
Our owner wanted a custom report and I did it with your super-easy export. My team doesn’t even realize yet how good this is going to be for us.
Thank you so much. It’s looks great and this will save me so much time.
We just love the new update….thanks
Thanks again. We really appreciate the updates, and the customer service/training.
Many, many thanx! Saves me half a day!
You’re all Rock Stars!!!!!!!!!
Wow. Thanks for the details and visuals. You guys are great at that. Thanks again for your help and for the prompt reply.
We did our first hearing import today and it worked great! SO MUCH FASTER!!
Looks good. I appreciate the quick turn around on that thank you.
I appreciate all you do for us. I love the program.
Thanks, once again you saved the day. Thank you again for all you do to help us out.
That’s a good trick to know.
Thanks so much for your speedy response.