Information Requests

When you ask a client for information, most of the time you ask for a standard set of information and documents, while other times you may need to adjust that list for a unique property or a specific property type. Sometimes you receive what you need in its entirety, and sometimes you receive only parts of what you need. Keeping track of which information you have requested, and what you have received can become frustrating and difficult if it is not organized in a place where you can always find it.  

We designed Information Requests to systematically address this problem. Select what information items you need from the client and create a Request.  You can even create templates called Information Request Classes for the items that always need to be requested for a specific property type, type of representation, or any other unique circumstance to allow for quick request creations in the future. 

As the requested items come in, you can track each line-item individually and have an at-a-glance picture of what is missing.  You can even re-request items individually or as a group if necessary.

Please contact us if you would like help setting up Information Requests for your company.